Africa Renowned Media Consultant- Dives into Africa ‘s One Million Dollar Unanswered Question: where did we go wrong as Africans?


As a child, I was brought up to respect culture and to be responsible. As a child, TV was the mirror of education. As a child radio was a rhythm for poetry and educative songs. As a child, the media was the source of education, information and entertainment.

As a child my language was my pride until I was forced to speak English, because my language was forbidden in school. The popular expression was “(do not speak vernacular in class )” So when I became an adult everything changed.

As an adult, television has become a screen for pornography, radio has become a platform for profanity, the media has become a platform for lies and nudity. As an adult, abnormality has become human rights in place of culture and decency.


Promotion of useless cultures such as LGBT, child rights, and many more. Before God and man, every child is born special, to be loved, and to be cared for. But that does not mean, when a child goes astray, you should glorify it.

That child must be disciplined, which is different from abusing of a child. But today, when a child is reasonably disciplined, it is considered child abuse. Child abuse is, when you hit a child abnormally with objects and other stuff, that is madness, and that anyone who does that, must be arrested and prosecuted.

But using a cane reasonably, by caning the palm or buttocks once a while, is discipline, not all the time, that you must always cane a child, but more talk, until it gets to a point where a little force is applied with some few reasonable “lashes”.

After a few “lashes”, you then explain to the child why you used the cane, and then, you embrace him or her with a big hug. Further, every good parent never disciplines a child under emotions, but under sound mind, so you will not hurt that innocent child.


Which is entirely different from hitting the child abnormally every day. Yet our reasonable system is considered child abuse.

Some Reality shows for talented kids worldwide have become platforms for the promotion of nudity among these kids. What is talented about making children perform edited profane songs.

Whether a profane song is edited or not, it is still the same. Because the child already knows the lyrics of the song. What happened to programs like, (kkyekyekule) by Uncle George Laing, (By The Fire Side) by Grace Omaboe and Dr. Rokoto. Kiddy Quiz and some other educative programmes as well.

All these programmes were rooted from, or linked to our culture. Today indiscipline has become democracy. A system that allows people to insult their elders, leaders without any code of honor.

I keep saying, the foreign democracy is not for Africans, because “since Adam”, we have been practicing our system of nobility. Is there any country in the world that ever developed through democracy?

As a country, we don’t even have a national official local language, yet Twi is the most dominant language in Ghana, used in every region, even in Hollywood and other international movies. I am a proud Fante, but it doesn’t bother me in the least to have Twi as my official national language than to have English as my national language.


Some Ghanaians believe choosing Twi will be a disadvantage to others and so we should choose the language of our colonial masters.

Where in Europe or America are kids forced to learn African languages?
After all these concerns, it then brings me to the question, where did we go wrong as Africans?

As to where we are going with our current system, I do not know, what we hope to achieve, again I do not know, but one thing, I do know is, as a proud African and Ghanaian I will make the little impact for my family, my people, my community and my country. May God bless us all.

Enoch Egyir, Media Consultant.

By Enoch Egyir.
Media Consultant.



  1. It is sad that our culture is not worth to be use nowadays most prefer Western life style. My question is do white people copy our way of life?


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