To be a BLACK in America

By Kwamina Smith.

African American
Source: Smithsonian Magazine

America pride itself to be the apostles of human rights and rule of law, they withhold aid and economic support for struggling African countries simply bcos the right of homosexuals are not respected. Yet on the beautiful streets of the haven of human rights (America), innocent black citizens are robbed of their most valuable rights, their precious LIVES!

How can four abled fully armed police officers feel threatened by an unarmed and handcuffed man to the extent of pinning him to the ground by the neck till he dies? This’s not the only time such barbaric thing is happening under broad daylight, policemen slaughter black people like animals and they are allowed to walk free!

If this is your kind of human rights then I’m sorry you have no business coming to us to throw your weight about. If this is your civilization, then even in our Jungles, we are far better than you, what you practice is not human right it’s called RACISM and you should bury your heads in shame.


You had the guts to condemn the people who killed Jamal Khashoggi in secret and pressured Saudi Arabia to prosecute them, yet the innocent black man was killed on camera and all you could do was to sack his killers from the police force and end of the story? Come on America, you can do better than this.
I’m so disappointed in the almighty U.S.A.
I’m disappointed big time!.



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