The Transformational Leadership Corner of Add News GH


Leadership has now become needed than ever before as it has the power to influence and mould us into an agent of positive change.

Everything lies on the shoulder of effective leaders who are to provide a platform for inspiration, direction, enabling, and empowering for their followers to become effective in their leadership callings with the mindset or attitudes to achieve a common vision.


There are lots of things that need looking at under the microscope of leadership. Therefore, this transformational leadership corner is set to provide readers the purpose, value, and essence of leadership in this 21st Century, the challenges and pitfalls associated with leadership, the qualifications and future of emerging leaders in reshaping the heart and mind of people in churches, politics, business, educations, financial, healthcare sectors and entertainment world.


Although Effective Leadership demands us working together to achieve a purpose, it doesn’t leave room for manipulation, deception, and insincerity.

This leadership corner will also serve as learning resources for others who want to be inspired, motivated, empowered, encouraged, and transformed so as to discover their fullest potential and harness their potentials to achieve success in their lives, fields or endeavours.


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Ferdinand Senyo Lawson (UK).
Multiple Award-Winning Author, Award-Winning Public Speaker, and Award-Winning Lifestyle Coach. WARRIOR.



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