Supporting Ghanaian Financial Institutions to scale MSME Finance


Over one hundred participants from various financial institutions in Ghana have been taken through emotional intelligence training. The training was under an initiative called FIRST+ (Financial Institution Resilience and Strengthening). 

FIRST+ works with Ghanaian financial institutions that are ready and committed to scaling Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) finance, inclusive of youth and women with a focus on the agricultural sector.

The initiative makes use of international best -in-class expertise and practices tailored to the Ghanaian context to address challenges that are inhibiting, financial institutions’ ability to increase their lending to micro and small businesses, who will in turn create and retain thousands of quality jobs in Ghana.


FIRST+ is implemented by CapitalPlus Exchange (CapPlus) in collaboration with the Bank of Ghana and in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and the Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network (GHAMFIN).

Participants were drawn from the savings and loans companies, credit unions, micro-credit institutions, micro-finance companies, rural and community banks, financial NGOs and susu enterprises from all over the country and trainings held in the Greater Acccra, at Sunlodge Hotel on the February 17, 2022 and in Greater Kumasi at True Vein Hotel on the February 24, 2022. The training looked at the ‘Role of Emotional Intelligence in Loans Advancing and Recovery’ 

Kumasi participants

Speaking at the open session held in Accra, Mr. Andrew Muriithi, Director, MSME Finance and Partnership reiterated the rational behind this capacity building and underscored the need to build resilient financial institutions. The Executive Director of the Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network Mr. Yaw Gyamfi, said the main objective of the training is to strengthen the emotional intelligence capacity of the members of GHAMFIN, so they remain driven and motivated individuals and emotionally intelligent enough to grant good loans and recover judiciously to help build resilient financial ecosystem.

Accra participants

At the closing session in Kumasi, the training and programme director of Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network Mr. Edmund Benjamin Addy lauded the enthusiasm of the participants and urged them to apply what they have leant to loan advancing and recovery to help build resilient financial institutions.

The training was facilitated by the Nation’s first internationally certified emotional intelligence coach, Mr. James Kwesi Addison, of Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence, a center dedicated to building emotional capital.  



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