Reshaping The National Discourse


This world.
What you don’t confront will frustrate you.
The old lady who was stoned to death, what is the state of her justice?

This week, we have been talking about the death of the young people in Apam.
Before the end of the week, it is the issue around spousal abuse.
Soon, it will die away.
What kind of justice system do we have?
What kind of administrative systems do we have?
What kind of social services or support can an individual fall back on in situations of distress.?

Where are the shelters for the vulnerable?
Which hotlines can be used?
Yes by all means speak up, advocate no doubt very essential components or approaches to social change.
However, state-mandated institutions must be seen to be functioning well.


Some people may not be empowered enough to walk away for various reasons, but the state of Ghana, through the agencies, departments, units and the entire community must make demands for the right things to be done.

COVID-19, is still a threat.
Ebola is in the sub region.

My expectation is that, the issue of spousal abuse, affecting both women and men, will not die soon.

Seeking justice for the deceased is good, but what about the numerous numbers that are being tortured?

Am just thinking aloud.

Family life education is very important to me as an individual because our homes shape us for life. Dysfunctional homes may breed more dysfunctional people.
If you want to be married, learn the dynamics and seek Godly counsel, open your eyes, even as you “fall in love”.


It takes more than love to stay married.
As a society we have to realign our value systems to meet the social constructs of civility, respect for self and others, speaking truth to power, assertiveness, and be truthful to our collective good as a society.

The media is very much needed to drive the agenda of social change.
The media is a very powerful tool to drive the change. So much to do for this country. We need to sustain the drive.

I can predict with great certainty that, most of the weekend shows tomorrow Saturday on the major radio and TV stations, will be on the SONA and the budget.

But the very foundation of this country is the homes made up of husband, mother, children, in-laws, out-laws, and other visible and invisible power brokers.
We need peaceful homes, marriages to be mentally sound to engage in economically productive activities for national growth and development.

I pray someone will understand that there is a direct correlation between healthy relationships and sanity.
Well, I am just sharing my few thoughts.
God help us all.

Writer: Sylvia-Rita Osei.



  1. Recent events in Kasoa is a wake up call to us as a nation. It is no longer a private issue, it is a national set back and a dent on our national psyche.
    18 year old should be thinking of building a career in artisanal skills or academic pursuits.
    God help us build a better nation.
    The acquisition of wealth, should not weaken our society.


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