ADDITIONAL NEWS GH (ADD NEWS GH) is Ghana’s Alternative news portal that is poised to change the perspective of our news and media industry forever.
Most modern news portals have been responsible for diverting young people from their consciousness to the dark tunnel of lies. Their contents include manipulating news, political diversions, sexuality and raw emotions.

Young people have always been prey to this. Young minds love to discover, share and follow. If we let them follow negative things, we are simply destroying the future for them. It takes a lot to build a country. Young minds should be able to differentiate between the right and the wrong. Baseless online news portals drive them to irrelevant and negative vibes. Youth is the age when one should discover the world with a fresh mindset, not be stereotyped and blinded.

But it is also true that sometimes social media and some online news portals or websites help us stand for a better cause. We can come to know a lot of information and we can unite people easily using these platforms. If any wrong decision gets imposed on us, we can stand against it through social media. Even if the mainstream newspapers don’t support or cover our stories, we can take help from online news portals to spread our thoughts, views and ideas.

It is clear from the ongoing analysis that news portals could serve a good course and it is for this reason that ‘ADD NEWS GH has been established. It is to provide that additional news that is missing and project the good side of humanity.


Motto: Pause – Reflect – Verify

To Become A Preferred World-Class News Portal