Pst. Steve

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord !!, Praise the Lord !!!.

We give all the praise to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven for His great blessings and guidance throughout the month of September our month of possibilities through Faith. Praise be the Lord…Amen.


We also ascribe all honour and Praise unto Him alone again for bringing us as a great family of WEM to the month of October. This month is our month of Love which shall be full of exploits in Jesus precious name.. Amen.

Love is the nature of God and the scriptures say in 1 John 4:16 that, …he that dwells in love dwells in God and God in him and if the almighty God Himself dwells in us then there should not be any situation in life that must stand against us this month for who can be against us if God who dwells in us by Love is for us( Rom 8:31).

In view of this, I decree upon your life and family the following in the precious name of Jesus Christ;

  1. That no weapon of the enemy shall be able to stand against you and your family this month in the name of Jesus….Amen.( Isaiah 54:17, Rom 8:33-34)
  2. That your finances shall see unhindered flow this month without any attack of the evil one in Jesus precious name(Haggai 2:8, Psalms 1:3)…Amen.
  3. That your health and that of your family shall enjoy divine health and miracles without any disease in the precious name of Jesus Christ( 1Pt 2:24, Deu 7:15).,.Amen.
  4. That in this month you shall see every expectation of your heart fulfilled without anymore delays in the previous name of Jesus Christ(Prob 23:18).. Amen
  5. That this month of October your father in heaven shall satisfy your mouth with good things and you shall not remember your former pains and disappointments again in the previous name of Jesus Christ (Psalms 103:5, Isaiah 43:19)

Welcome to your month of Love with great wonders of exploits in the precious name of Jesus Christ..Amen.

Pastor Steve (WEM FAMILY)



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