Presbyterian University College Embraces Emotional Intelligence

Published by Presbyterian University College on April 26, 2019.

Mr. Addison

The Presbyterian University College, Ghana (PUCG) has introduced Emotional Intelligence to its educational setup aimed at equipping both staff and students with the ability and discipline to look inside themselves, tap into their capabilities for harnessing their emotions and managing their resilience and wellbeing.

Mr. Addison making a point during a presentation at the Okwahu Campus

The maiden seminar on Emotional Intelligence was held for staff and students at the Okwahu Campus of the University. This is part of the introductory lecture arrangement in collaboration with Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence, the Nation’s premier emotional intelligence consulting agency.

The PUCG looks forward to establishing a whole student educational development approach that intends to build measurable emotional resilience, alongside enriching existing intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of the students.


Mr. James Kwesi Addison, who is the master trainer at Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence was optimistic of the impact that the approach to educational development will have on the students noting that such valuable life skill is not limited to only managing oneself and relationship but also how it influences effectiveness, quality of life, wellbeing, and productivity.

A section of students at the Okwahu Campus.

He re-affirms his commitment on behalf of Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence to this project by the PUCG.

Mr. Addison stated that introducing staff and students to Emotional Intelligence would assist them develop a process for looking inside themselves and have a better understanding of how to monitor their emotional responses and analyse how emotions are shaping their thoughts and behaviors during real-life situations they encounter.

The Registrar of PUCG, Mrs. Mary Abena Agyepong reiterated the fact that since emotions are involved in everything that a person does which includes distressing emotions and how we respond to distressing emotions should be a big concern for all institutions of learning and development.

The Registrar was therefore excited that the University has identified this gap and is now taking steps to help both staff and students to build emotional strength.

Some Physician Assistantship students in a group photograph with Mr. Addison after his presentation at the Asante Akyem Campus.

The Vice President of PUCG, Professor Frank S. Arku described the seminar as needful and timely and called for the sustenance of the seminars to ensure workplace emotional safety of staff to enhance productivity and get students well prepared for the real-life situations that awaits them after academics.

In a similar response, the Dean of Students, Dr. John Adu Kumi was particularly happy that students will be able to use emotional intelligence, its competencies, and tools to build their mental resilience. He was thankful that the session was practical, engaging, and imparting.



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