Nanaanom take centre stage at Emotional Intelligence Africa Summit 2018

Published by AtinkaOnline on December 7, 2018.


Traditional leaders carry with them the rich history of our old ways and how in times gone, communities were held together by an invisible force – which today the world knows as Emotional Intelligence.

It is therefore clear that our traditional leaders, with their deep roots into communities, have a role to play in resurrecting many of the old values and practices which build mentally strong communities. 

It is for this reason, and that James Kwesi Addison grew at the knee of one of Ghana’s most celebrated and loves Chiefs, that SESA Ghana has been purposely connected into the National House of Chiefs.


It therefore comes as no surprise that Nanaanom have embraced the upcoming Emotional Intelligence Africa Summit under the auspices of the Vice-President of the National House of Chiefs Daasabra Kwebu Ewusi VII and the President of the Enyan Denkyira Traditional Area Osabarima Otsibu VI. 

James founded his Addison Center for Emotional Intelligence to provide Ghana with access to training and coaching which could be deployed into the heart of communities, and so already aligns with the traditional leadership – a powerful joining of history and science for the good of Ghana.

James forged an exclusive access to the SESA Africa learning, development and research infrastructure through a partnership with its international founder Jay Baughan. This provides James with the one-stop environment consisting of multi-domain expertise, learning and qualification resources and a leading-edge digital technology. 

In January 2018, James and Jay launched the Nanaanom Education Development Programme, in partnership with the National House of Chiefs, with the sole purpose of transforming education provision across Ghana; to ultimately establish youth emotional resilience and cohesion.

The Nanaanom role is to provide local management of learning groups within the programme and liaise with educational executives to ensure teachers are fully supported to complete their internationally accredited Certificate of Competence in Child Emotional Safety & Development.

Over the next 5 years, James, Jay and the Nanaanom will support the sponsorship development and professional development of 2,000 schools in all 10 regions – making Ghana the largest case study in Africa for excellence in whole-child educational development. 



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