My 11th Month Message and the Eleventh Hour Concept


This idea has great two sides. It may not the best to intentionally leave resolutions to the eleventh hour it may have undesirable consequences, however, it is the most important concept to apply if the opportunity presents itself at the last moment.

It is a demonstration of resilience for it is the last possible moment for doing something. The biblical demonstration is not intended to encourage us to delay taking opportunities, it’s rather encouraging us to keep knocking at a closed door and seize opportunities any moment they present themselves.

I am encouraging you at the ‘Eleventh Month’ to seize any opportunity that presents itself before the year ends.


Join us this eleventh month for the Emotional Intelligence Africa Summit 2021 slated at Saltpond in the Central Region. To support us kindly reach the Addison International Secretariat on 0268330951



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