Brethren the fear of the Lord…..Yesterday was the International Day of the African Child. One will ask, what has led to this celebration? The June 16 annual event honours the memories of students (20,000 students) who were massacred in Soweto, South Africa, in 1976 for protesting against education injustice and inequality in the apartheid regime. May their souls continue to rest in perfect peace. 

As we reflect on this event and similar ones happening globally and in Ghana today, let us always pray for the Methodist Sunday School child for God’s guidance and protection as they go through their schooling with much sense of understanding and wisdom when dealing with critical and sensitive matters.

Let us teach them to always use the right means to address issues as we continue to guide them with the use of their energies in bringing fulfillment to their families and society at large.  


The day focuses attention on the barriers African children face in order to receive quality education. Let us observe this day together and pay our respect to past students who gave their lives to their community by helping students today reach their goals through scholarships, proper advocacy for better learning environments, ensuring that more is done to eradicate schools under trees, improve the living conditions of the teacher to promote the  African Heritage.

To all our scholars we say Kudos on this special occasion. We share and stand with you always.

Edmund Benjamin-Addy

Connexional Superintendent



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