Every born again believer is destined to laugh always in Christ. This is so because a born again believer lives and dwells in Heaven in Christ Jesus.
The scriptures say in Psalm 2:4 that;

“He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.”

From the above scriptures, it is clear that only those that sit in Heaven qualify to laugh and overcome the storms of life.
Why must believers always laugh and be at peace and move on with their lives whenever there are challenges of life?
For the scriptures say in Isaiah 59;19b that;


……….When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

Therefore, believers must move on with their lives because of the following;

  1. By the virtue of our acceptance of the Lordship of Jesus Christ over our lives, every born again believer is currently SITTING with and in Christ in the Heavenly..Ephesians 2:6. In view this, we are qualified to Laugh at any storm of life because we are sitting in Heaven and also more than a conqueror in Christ.. Rom 8:37
  2. Again, the scriptures also say we have been DELIVERED and has been TRANSLATED into the KINGDOM of His dear son Jesus. Meaning spiritually, we are currently dwelling in Heaven ( Colossian 1:13). This scripture amply confirms also that every born again believer is LIVING and SITTING in Heaven with Christ. In view of this, let our Thinking and Actions be renewed to accept the fact that we are dwelling in Christ in Heaven and No power of the enemy can neither dares nor ventures our territory in Christ.
    Thus, never again in your life as a believer should you be terrified by the devil and all his demons, for you are superior to them all. So go ahead boldly to fulfil your colourful Life which God has destined for you on this earth.. Phip 1:28, 1John 4:4, Prob 23:7, Phip 4:13.
  3. Moreover, because you are currently sitting in Heaven, God has already put all your enemies in DERISION for you. In Hebrew, derision is ‘LAWAQ’ meaning to Mock or Ridicule. So once we sit in Heaven we must always mock, ridicule and have total dominion over any challenge that the devil brings to our lives in Jesus mighty name. For no weapon fashioned against the dweller of Heaven by the enemy shall ever prosper…Isaiah 54:17.


  1. Because you dwell in Heaven full of the PRESENCE of God and remember that in the presence of God there is Fullness of Joy(laughter) and Not sorrows, crying and timidity…. Psalm 16:11, PS 2:4
  2. Because we are in the KINGDOM where Jesus Himself is in charge of everything. He has become our supplier, defence and comforter. Note also that we can enjoy these provisions only when we apply the heavenly currency called Faith in our daily life in Christ Jesus…Phip 1:28, Phip 4:6, 4:19, Rom 1:17.

Arise, therefore and shake up your Joy and Laughter against that situation because you are Sitting and dwelling in Heaven with and in Christ.
So from today, be conscious of your sitting and dwelling position in Heaven and Laugh always so that we can put the devil in perpetual derision.
Have a great week full of winnings, victories and prosperity.
We are redeemed to Reign indeed.

Jesus is Lord.
Pastor Steve. (WEM Family)



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