GES hosts Ghana’s first certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, James Kwesi Addison

Published by AtinkaOnline on July 4, 2017.

Mr. Addison

The District Educational Directorate of the Ajumako, Enyan Esiam in the Central Region will host the first Ghanaian Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach in an exclusive Emotional Resilience Workshop dubbed ‘The Resilient Teacher’.

Participants will be trained for welfare, and classroom provision – build ability to cope with the emotions linked to emotional needs and the capability for the building of social-emotional skills – personally and for young people

This workshop brings together all the Guidance and Counselling Co-ordinators of all the Senior High and the Basic schools in the District. Close to about 110 guidance and counsellors are to be in attendance and is slated for the 7th of July, 2017.


James will use the occasion to introduce teachers to emotional resilience and used the opportunity to unveil the ‘Social Emotional Development Specialist Qualification’ route being provided by the ‘Social Emotional Development Institute (UK) in partnership with the ‘Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence’

The Social Emotional Development Specialist (SEDS) is a proprietary professional qualification from the Social Emotional Development Institute, which is regulated by Ofqual and awarded internationally by Highfield Awarding Body. It is the first comprehensive, knowledge-to-practice and externally awarded qualification, in Social Emotional Development Practice and has been purpose-designed to set a new standard for Human Development activities.

SEDS provides a professional capability to define, measure, and build Engagement, Resilience, and Wellbeing within community or workplace settings. The SEDS learning & development framework deliberately takes learners from base subject awareness and onto professional competency, embedding THREE behavioural science subject elements to create a comprehensive Human Development skillset. This qualification is delivered through a progressive “Learn-Practice-Review” process, it defines, measures, and builds application-based competency in the practical use of Social-Emotional Development.

In a pre-interview, James emphasised the need to ensure that teachers are qualified in building social-emotional skills in the young.



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