First Ghanaian Book on Emotional intelligence to Hit the Market Soon


The Nation’s first internationally certified emotional intelligence Coach Mr. James Kwesi Addison is to release the Nation’s finest book on Children’s emotions.

This emotional intelligence book is to help parents, educators and caregivers understand the emotional dynamics of children. Below is is a brief profile about the book titled ‘ My Child My Future – Optimising Emotions in Children.

My Child My Future by James Kwesi Addison.

My child my future takes you on a journey of self-discovery in understanding the emotional dynamics of children. This will help you build a positive relationship with your children and help them equally build self-confidence and self-esteem that will make them resilient.


Parents, educators, and caregivers need to be emotionally intelligent so they can bring up children to understand and manage their emotions and those of others around them. Emotional intelligence helps us to understand and manage our own emotions in order to self-motivate and create positive interactions with our children.

Children’s upbringing and development are one of the daunting but joyous tasks if the enabling environment is created. One of the constituents of such an enabling environment is getting it right with children’s emotions.

Consequently, this book is fashioned to ensure that even without a formal curriculum and education to draw on; caregivers will be able to play their role to nurture children’s emotional intelligence competencies.



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