Fathers are also Emotional


Fathers Day is here again. And yes, some of the people we expect to acknowledge and appreciate us will totally ignore us but do more for the women on mothers day (LOL). We do take cognisant notice of these because Fathers are also emotional and need to be celebrated and appreciated more often.

We do all it takes to make sure the family is strong and everyone is at peace but most at times, we do not get the appreciation needed by those we support. Our birthdays are forgotten, and we are not called or messaged to be checked up on but we ignore all these painful moments and make sure we live in peace.


Sometimes, behind the smiling face of a Father, is a man going through days and years of intense inner struggles, mostly mentally. Struggles of how to make it in life, how to support the family financially, spiritually, psychologically and socially.


Struggles of how to raise up the children to be who God wants them to be so they do not go through the struggles we’ve gone through in our past. Inner doubts, fear of failure, fear of mistrust, fear of people, especially those close to us who cannot understand our pain or notice what we are going through. 

These are a few examples of struggles Fathers go through daily. But in all these situations, we make sure everything is serene around us even though there is turmoil within us. 

Fathers Day
Homer Simpson and children.

We ignore our happiness and sacrifice the little we have just so others (family and friends) can be happy.

Our society has led us to believe that men are not supposed to be emotional, with the popular adage- “Men do not cry”. Due to that, we hide most of our emotions which turn out to build emotional traumas and when not managed properly, might end up having a negative impact on us and those close to us.


MEN CRY. Oh yes! we do, especially behind our closed doors. There may be no tears but there are groanings, groanings which can not be easily expressed outwardly.

May we be there for all fathers, giving them a listening ear to express their heart desires and pains so they can be the best of themselves at home and every place they find themselves.

Fathers day
Father and Child.

On this day as we acknowledge and appreciate all men, and all who are parenting, may God strengthen you to continue to be great. To lead your family into greatness. 

May God bless you as you go hungry so your family will be filled. Supporting others (the fatherless, widows and orphans) so they can be great people in the society and may you be the man who mentors when close with and is a role model when seen from afar.

Wishing you a Happy Fathers Day.



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