Dec 7: Addison International campaigns for peace at Ajumako-Enyan-Esiam


Addison International Centre for Emotional Intelligence (AICEI) has organised workshops in the five traditional areas of the Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam District (AEED), which doubles as a constituency, calling for peace before, during and after this year’s elections.

The workshops, which AICEI describe as projects, had as their common theme, “Community in Peace Building, Conflict Management and Prevention.” Addison International and its partners said the theme was instructive because the once peaceful and non-violent district and constituency had begun to assume a negative identity.

“Right now, it is listed among the political hot spots in the country and that identity must be erased,” they said.
AICEI, commonly referred to as Addison International, said the overall objective of the workshops was to ensure that peace was upheld in this year’s elections in the AEE District.


‘The workshops were meant for the youth as they were always at the centre of conflicts,” the centre said.

The centre, therefore, encouraged more youth than the elderly to attend them.

“However, the community members turned up in their numbers, including the chiefs and their council members and we were overwhelmed. It great success,” it said.

The first in the series of the workshops took place at Enyan Abaasa on Thursday, October 27, 2020.

The event was graced by Osagyefo Kwame Akonu X, Omanhen of Enyan Abaasa Tradtional Area and Vice President of Central Regional House of Chiefs.

Osagyefo lauded the AICEI peace challenge and advised community members, especially the youth, to avoid violence and to live with their political opponents in peace.

Efua Ajumako Traditional Area took its turn at Ajumako, the district capital, on Friday, October 30, 2020 with that of Breman Esiam Traditional Area happening the same day afterwards.

Enyan Denkyira Traditional Area’s version was held on Monday, November 2, 2020, with Enyan Maim Traditional Area ending the full week peace workshop on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

All the events involved drumming, dancing, poetry recitals, drama and speeches from chiefs, political players, opinion leaders from the traditional areas and others.

The tagline for the speeches was “Together as one people, we stand for peace.’

Mr Addison, the lead consultant of the workshops, deliberately stuck to a common presentation at the workshops.

“I did that to portray the commonness of the message of peace AICEI intends for all the people of the constituency, no matter which traditional area they are live in,” he explained.

In his common presentation, the CEO of Addison International said all emotions were okay for human growth and that one may not have control over their causes, adding that emoticons underlined our behaviours.

“However, not all behaviours we put up because of particular emotions are acceptable. For instance, someone could insult you on our political landscape for no reason and you have the right to be angry but picking a gun to kill is definitely not the best of reactions,” he said.

He then took the participants through the basic three secrets of emotional intelligence, being emotional triggers; manifestations; and managements.

To Addison, “knowing what makes you angry, how it manifests in you and having simple strategies to deal with it amicably is very crucial to preventing any violence.”

He advised all the participants to embrace peace no matter the level of provocation and urged the chiefs to remain neutral as much as possible and ensure political leaders were serving their subjects well.

“You can also help by asking the politicians how they intend to implement some of the policies and programs they ascribe to and demand actualisation of the projects so that your subjects may not be taken for granted,” Mr Addison said.

To the youth, he said, “Don’t allow yourself to be used for political violence. Your parents, siblings and the whole community are looking up to you. “And you must know that you are not above the law and the law enforcement agencies will deal with you if you break the law or take the law into your own hands.”

He reiterated to the youth the fact that political conflicts had disintegrated some countries and that “many difficulties await you when war breaks up”.

The country’s first accredited emotional intelligence coach asked the general community to be proud of and protect their heritage such the clans, the strong bond, the traditional support system, the integrity, and the like, adding, “We should be proud of our clans and not political parties.

Political party may change colour, name, and symbol, but our clans and values remain the same.”

The paramount chiefs of the five traditional areas, whether speaking in person or through a representative, praised Addison International for the initiative of prompting them and their subjects, particularly the youth, to uphold peace.

Odeefuo Afankwah III, Omanhen Breman Essiam Traditional Area, said, “This is God-send My people and I are very grateful for this initiative and it is my fervent desire that the youth will take what you have shared with us in good faith so we will have peaceful elections in Ajumako Enyan Esiam Constituency come December7, 2020’’.

Okokodurfo Ogyeabo Kwamena, Omanhen of Efua Ajumako Traditional Area, who was represented by Nana Kow Appoh II, the Akwamuhen of the traditional area and Odikro of Ajumako Amia, advised all political parties to embrace peace and live in harmony with each other.

Okofo Amoako Bondam III, Omanhen of Enyan Maim Traditional Area, who was represented by the Regent of the Enyan Maim Traditional Area, Nana Kow Odziadowa III, challenged all and sundry to uphold the peace the district had enjoyed over the years.

Osabarima Otsibu VI, Omanhen of Enyan Denkyira Traditional Area, advised the youth to desist from any act that could put their lives in danger.

He cautioned the elderly to refrain from using the youth in times like this for political violence.

Osabarima expressed worry that the three main political figures in the Constituency-the District Chief Executive, the New Patriotic Party Parliamentary Candidate, and the Member of Parliament for the area all failed to turn up at the climax of such an important and timely peace initiative.

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