After Election What Next: Live to Love – Love to Live


Live to Love – Love to LivePeople are not sticks, woods, metal, or any equipment lying down somewhere. So are relationships. No matter what we think, the people in our lives have one issue or the other, they are dealing with behind closed door and personally, I think we all do anyway.

Now, instead of you waiting for others to call, text, phone, or inbox to check on you, when you are lead or prompted by the Holy Ghost to do that calling, texting, phoning, in-boxing whatever, please do not be stubborn. Take that steps to check on them.


This life is all that we have to share human love and kindness with the people in our lives regardless of their social status, level, financial power or not, people don’t come into our lives by accident.


There are more to relationships and friendships than we see now. Until we learn to obey the leading or prompting of the Holy Spirit to check on the friends we share lovely moments with in the past, we will always develop a defensive mechanism against them, thinking that, they are being snobbish or isolative.

Let get out of our shell to check on each other to find out how others are doing. That is how we build and restore the crack, break, or broken elements in our relationship or friendship bridges. Remember that, no one is an island and we need each other to survive in this life.

Failing to do these simple things will or may only cause us big time, especially when we have polluted our senses with assumptions and negativity. Never allow pride and prejudice to wreck the solid relationship with people. No matter what we do, people will always be people but, that should not prevent us from checking on them.

Life shouldn’t be lonely. In as much as we get busy with things, we should take time to review our relationship bridge. Let’s live to care for one other.


We don’t need a lot of money to accommodate the people in our lives but, we do need LOVE to understand, care, and appreciate the relationships we have with people. Love is a currency we spend on with friends. Greater love has no man than, the love we share with our friends and relationship.

Live to love and love to live.

Ferdinard Senyo Lawson Author# Richard Paa Kofi Botchwey



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