Abolish taxes on Menstrual Hygiene products, policymakers advised.

Written by James Kwesi Addison.


Sarah Amelley A. Djosu has advised the Government of Ghana and all stakeholders who matter in issues bordering on women to ensure that taxes on menstrual hygiene products are removed. She made this all-important call on Thursday the 28th of May, 2019 as the world marks ‘World Menstrual Hygiene Day’.

She regretted that despite the beauty and the good essence of this wonderful day set aside and the celebration that comes with it, it’s sad that many ladies still can’t afford clean materials to absorb their monthly flow, especially in the Sub-Sahara Africa.
She reiterated the need that, access to Menstrual Hygiene products shouldn’t be a daunting hustle. ‘Abolish taxes on Menstrual Hygiene products and stop hounding ladies because we shed blood’ Sarah lamented.


In an exclusive interview with James Kwesi Addison, the CEO of Add News Gh, the Nation’s premier online news portal dedicated to positive human-centered and patriotic news, Sarah concluded that stakeholders shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the biological fact that, it’s the same unshed blood of life that masses up to form the humans who grace this world after 9 months.

In her concluding remarks, she admonished stakeholders to help alleviate the pain and the stress that women go through during this important period.



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