A young Ghanaian Software Engineer Surprises West Africa Educators with WASSCE Learning Play Game

Felix Kakra Acheampong.

Quizy is a free mobile learning game application populated with WAEC past objective questions for JHS and SHS students to help them improve on their studies by solving questions in competition with other students in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Gambia.

This learning application has a functionality that allows students to play whilst studying. A student is able to request a study partner from any of the Anglophone countries in any of the subjects. These students then answer the questions in the selected subject area and at the end, the system marks and declare the best student with the highest right answers.


All known malpractices that can affect system integrity has been taken care of by the developer. For instance, a position of correct answer changes anytime you try an already tried paper, making sure the objective of the project, which is to help students try their hands on past questions before the real examination for better performance is not defeated.


Speaking to Add News Gh, the developer of this application Mr. Felix Acheampong reiterated his desire to support students in the sub-region, to do well in examinations. He was of the opinion that this will also augment efforts of teachers to get the final year students fully prepared for upcoming examinations. According to Felix, the application covers all subjects ranging from core to elective.

Felix Kakra Acheampong is a talented Senior Software Engineer proficient with 6 years of experience in most of the software development environment.
Felix K. Acheampong holds a Diploma in Hardware and Networking, Degree in Server Administration, and Degree in Software development. He can develop in most of the programming languages and tools including Java, Android, Swift language, PHP, Angular, Vue, JavaScript, JQuery, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, SCSS and databases including MySQL, SQLite and MongoDB.


With his experience, he has built many Apps across many countries. He has also built programming tools and libraries which is been used by many programmers or software developers across the globe to ease their development.
Some of the Apps including Bible App which has been used since 2019 across Africa and Europe. You can visit his Play Store profile to download the Bible version designed for your country.

Also, some of the programming tools include EasySync library which helps Android developers to easily synchronize their online data to their apps’ SQLite database with ease (https://github.com/FelixKAcheampong/easy-sync)


Also, he developed flx-ui-datatable library for Angular developers to easily populate data in a table with just a few lines of code.

Apart from his personal Apps, he has also worked with companies including Marshalls-Pre and Meridian University as a web developer, Orcons Systems as a mobile developer, and currently working with Ecom Trading Company as senior mobile developer.
He likes empowering young and senior developers to have a great achievement in the field of IT and he also likes teaching programming through his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSaiU3fVf3I&t=105s

Felix K. Acheampong is now into Game Development and his dream in the field of IT is to develop his own Programming language in the near future.
We encourage every student to install and try his/her hands on these questions. To download and join this objective solving challenge, please click on the link below.




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